Business Broadband for Reliability


It doesn’t come with static IP, al though you can purchase a PPPoE broadband static IP from NetConnectWifi for 3600+GST per year.
NOTE – This IP on fiber broadband doesnt come with subnet and gateway. For that you will need to opt for leased line circuit.

Of course NO

This is a fiber broadband plan, not a leased circuit. Only leased circuit comes with a SLA agreement.

Depends on your usage

Decide the plan as per your usage. If you have an office with more than 10+ computers, we suggest Fiber Biz Ultra only.

Upto half of download speeds

The upload speeds on broadband plans are upto half of download speeds advertised.


We offer free wireless backup add-on for our fiber business customers, if its in coverage. That will help to stay online even during fiber downtime.

Quicker than residential broadband

Business Broadband allows you to get in our priority queue for support and onsite help.
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